Micro Needle Sclerotherapy

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Sclerotherapy for Spider and Varicose Veins



Say "goodbye" to unsightly leg veins and say "hello" to those great looking summertime shorts!


Sclerotherapy in various forms has been used for the past sixty years and involves the injection of small amounts of solutions (sclerosants) into veins in an attempt to cause their closure.


Prior sclerosants were associated with various side effects include itching, pain, bruising, hyperpigmentation (brownish discoloration), and even small ulcerations.


Now with the recent FDA-approval of polidocanol, there is a safe and effective new option for treating uncomplicated “spider” and varicose veins of the lower extremity.


Very thin (micro) needles can be used and little discomfort is associated with the procedure.


Depending on the vessel color and size, response is noted in most veins after 3 to 4 weeks. Micro Needle Sclerotherapy treatment will usually provide a pleasing cosmetic outcome and may also be associated with improvement of lower extremity circulation.


Patients typically see clearing of the treated veins in less than a month! This kind of improvement used to ONLY be attainable through surgery. Treatment of varicose veins with Micro Needle Sclerotherapy provides the benefits of traditional surgery without general anesthesia, pain and prolonged downtime.


Benefits of sclerotherapy include:


* May be safely used for ALL skin types

* A treatment session only takes 30 minutes

* Treated veins usually clear in 3-4 weeks

* Effective treatment of both “spider” and larger varicose veins

* Micro needle injection method is “almost painless”

* Common side effects are minor and resolve over time

* May improve your circulation and alleviate symptoms of heaviness, aching and fatigue




Q – How does sclerotherapy work?

A very small (micro) needle is used to inject an appropriate strength sclerosing agent into the varicose vein based on the size of the vessel being treated. Once injected, the endothelium (the cells that line the vein wall) will become irritated, inflamed and damaged.  External compression is applied immediately after treatment using ACE wraps or support hose. Over time, your body will break down and absorb the damaged vein. “Spider” veins do not have any useful function and eliminating them will not affect your circulation. Reducing or eliminating varicose veins can actually improve your circulation and alleviate symptoms of heaviness, aching and fatigue.


Q – How long does it take to perform a procedure?

A typical treatment session takes about 30 minutes.


Q – How long is the recovery process?

This will vary from patient to patient and depend on the veins treated. On average, the treated areas will clear in 3 to 4 weeks.


Q – Will I need more than one treatment?

The number of treatments needed varies from patient to patient depending on the type, size and number of veins treated. Multiple injection sessions are usually required. Subsequent treatments are typically scheduled every four to six weeks to allow time for the body to respond to the treatment. It is important to realize that the best results require patience. Maximal improvement often takes several months and several treatments.


Q – Can my varicose veins come back?

Recurrence of the treated vein rarely occurs with proper injection technique and compliance with post treatment instructions. However, new varicose or “spider” veins may later form requiring subsequent treatment. Periodic re-evaluations are encouraged so that any new veins that develop can be injected before they become too large or too numerous.


Q – What are my alternatives to sclerotherapy?

You may choose no therapy. You may also choose to only wear compression support hose (if this is an appropriate treatment for your problem) or you may choose to have your varicose or “spider” veins treated with an appropriate wavelength laser device. You are encouraged to discuss all these options with your physician.




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